From Skeptical to In-Control → Zulay’s story

Are you skeptical about this whole “date coaching” thing?

If so, you’re not alone.

My client, Zulay, is fierce and kind. She’s a passionate and successful Assistant Principal in the Bronx.

She has an amazing family, awesome group of friends, and a kick-ass career.

But her dating life was full of “empty, unsatisfying experiences.”

When she first heard about The Brazen Breakthrough, she was super skeptical. Nothing else had worked for her, so why would things change now? She had questions like:

“What is this? Is Lily gonna find me a husband? Is she going to give me ‘swiping secrets?’ How on earth could this make my dating life any better?!”

Today’s Brazen TV episode features an in-depth interview with Zulay, and she doesn’t hold back.

She shares what worked (and more importantly, what didn’t work) in her dating life after going through my signature program, The Brazen Breakthrough. Plus, hear the one unconventional trick she now uses to find success on dating apps.

A word of caution: This interview may leave you feeling less alone, inspired by Zulay’s bravery and curious about how you can have what she’s having.

Comment below with what resonated most with you from our conversation!

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