The Scientifically Backed Way to Kick Date Burnout

Have you heard of the new dating app, Crown? Created by Tinder's parent company, Match Group, it basically turns getting matched into a literal game, comparing two people side by side... 

The execution of this particular app makes me nervous, with the concept veering further into territory covered by ABC's "Are you Hot or Not" (which gave me early-2000s hives). But the problem Crown is working to address is one of the most important when talking about swiping. The issue is cognitive overload. Here's an explanation by Dr. Helen Fisher, Match Group's scientific advisor:

“The more you look and look for a partner the more likely it is that you’ll end up with nobody.... There is a natural human predisposition to keep looking—to find something better. And with so many alternatives and opportunities for better mates in the online world, it’s easy to get into an addictive mode.”   


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Swiping With Intention

(Article reposted with permission from Heartalytics, written by Brazen Founder- Lily Womble on how matchmaking inspired the idea for Brazen!)


In two years of matchmaking experience, one client in particular stands out as having changed my life. 


Jane was in her early 30s in NYC. She had the same background as most Tawkify clients — she was successful, confident, well-traveled, kind and attractive. Just one problem...

She couldn’t find a quality date to save her life.

In just a few months of using dating apps, she had already been repeatedly stood up, ghosted, and rattled by a slew of weird and creepy messages.

Obviously, this is not what anyone hopes for when putting themselves out there to date. But as you all know, it’s what many experience when dating on their own. And it sucks!

For singles of all demographics (and especially for millennial women, I would argue) dating on apps is typically a routine process. You...

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5 Signs Being Single is the Real Bae

Here are 5 signs you should be single this month (and why it'll be awesome):

1. The thought of going on a date in the next month makes you sick…



2. You feel stretched in every direction. Work, friends, family, hustle…. It all can be waaay to much.

3. You reaallly can’t stop calling your friends about/talking about/thinking about your ex.


4. You resent everything about dating, men (and/or women) and the process in general.


5. You are genuinely excited to be single and don’t want to be coupled.

YASS! Lean into this amazing singleness. 

If one or more of these signs applies to you, you should seriously consider taking a single month (or more). It may be just what you need! What does a single month include you may ask? 

- Making plans with a friend you haven't seen in forever.

- Cooking amazing meals at home you've only dreamt of having time for.

- Relaxing after work (instead of running from...

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Make Online Dating Work for You... Like, Today.


The Breakdown:

As a matchmaker, I've seen the good, bad and (sometimes) ugly of dating. One of my clients, Bethany, in New York was at her whits end with dating, online and off (very understandably... it's tough out there).

She was in a pattern most of us know well-- downloading, deleting, downloading, and deleting dating apps. 

To survive in this dating reality, she numbed out and was just going through the motions.

She sought out my help, and I want to share with you what I shared with her to unlock her greatest dating life and best dates yet. So, be sure to watch the short video above.

And if you want to see proof that numbing fuels disconnection, here’s the link to the talk I mention in the video by social researcher, Dr. Brené Brown, with Queen Oprah.

I want to help you along your dating journey- to turn crappy online dating into more dates with success, so subscribe to the Brazen Blog below and check our our Swipe with Intention course....

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The One Step to Create a Dating Life You Love



The Breakdown:

Hi! I’m Lily. Founder of Brazen, Date Transformation Coach and professional matchmaker. After years of working with clients one on one, I’ve discovered that there is no magical match that will fix your dating life. However, I have learned there is the one action step you can take now to have the dating life you desire.

Four words.

Make. Your. Own. Rules.

There are no dos and don'ts. There is just you- showing up authentically and fully.


Learn how to Make Your Own Dating Rules and create an amazing dating life in the video above. 

Be sure to subscribe to the Brazen Blog for more tools and tips to create a dating life you love!

Let's stop just swiping, and start something big.

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