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Build Confidence

Get the tools necessary to make dating work to your advantage. Less superficial, more heartfelt dating and communication. 

Break the Cycle

Learn what dating patterns aren't serving you- and transform love life your based on one-on-one insight and feedback from your professional dating bestie.

Be your own Matchmaker

Skip the matchmaking bill and learn how to find your own perfect match. Go into every date knowing you got this.

Brazen [brāzən]:

a woman standing in her power, taking what she needs and wants, not accepting less, showing up with her whole self, knowing she is worthy of extraordinary.


Articles, Real-Talk, Tools and Tips to have the most amazing dating life possible.

Lily has made love happen for hundreds as a professional matchmaker and coach. 

Now she wants to put herself out of a job. 
Learn how to be Brazen in your dating life.

How You Can Be Brazen

One-on-One Coaching

Work with Lily for a more personalized, curated experience. 

"After a hard dating experience, I thought for so long that online dating was not for me, so I didn’t try. Lily helped me figure out how to use dating apps to my advantage and gave me a framework to move forward with confidence. Now, I’ve learned how to date in a way that works for me!"


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