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"Swipe with Intention was just the jump start I needed to get back into the online dating world. I learned that online dating can work, and can be a really valuable tool, I just need to figure out how it works for me. And I did! Lily was thoughtful and personable, and an incredible cheerleader to have in my corner. It was so helpful to know that I'm not alone in the online dating issues I've struggled with. Highly recommend!"

St. Louis

"Working with Lily taught me that, as a Super Swiper, I need to take time to refocus and slow down in this crazy digital dating world. She has unique insight into modern dating and an amazing ability to help me channel intention and care that I already put into other areas of my life. Swipe With Intention is kind of like working out; sometimes it’s tough to begin, but once you do, you start seeing the benefits in many part of your life. It’s so worth it!"

Rachel C.
New York City

"Before joining, online dating felt impersonal, and I didn’t have control. Lily and this course helped me reclaim a sense of agency in app dating by noticing my trends, what works and what doesn’t- and that led me to doing it with more consciousness. This course took off a ton of stress and gives connection a fighting chance."

Cora B.
New Orleans

"Before joining Swipe with Intention, I felt like online dating was a waste of time and just an energy drain. My favorite part of the experience was realizing I’m not alone and meeting other awesome women like me who share the same struggles. I am now more empowered to create my own rules with dating rather than feeling like dating is just happening to me. "

Abby H.


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