Build a clear path to the best relationship of your life.

In three months, you will:

  • Blast through your dating roadblocks.

  • Know exactly where, when and how to search and swipe for the best dates.

  • Build community with like-minded women from around the country.

  • Become Beyoncé-level confident in yourself and your dating life.


“The Brazen Breakthrough made me value myself.

I was so skeptical to work with Lily. How would success be measured? Could she really help me overcome of my insecurities so I really could find someone who was worth it?

I decided to give this a shot because it was clear to me that what I had been doing wasn't working.

Through this program, I’ve had a mindset shift that has taken me from seeing nothing but bad and negative in my dating life, to positivity and gratitude. That is an amazing, smile-inducing feeling.

I value myself so much more than I did before this. Period. I know exactly what I am bringing to the table, and exactly what it would take to feel that I am matched in purpose and intention by the person sitting across from me.”- Zulay, NYC

What’s included:

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Hour-long sessions with me to bust down the walls of your dating roadblocks and build custom strategy to date with irresistible confidence and ease.

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Date Feedback System

With this proven system developed over my years as a matchmaker, you will change self-limiting patterns and measure your progress to take control of your process.

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Group Coaching

Join your dedicated cohort of members who are committed to dating intentionally, who are there to uplift and celebrate the amazing work you’re doing.

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Weekly Homework

Nerd out with weekly assignments tailored to you, including reading homework, videos and journaling prompts.

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Community Calls

Set weekly goals, get support from the community and make the gains you crave with consistent, loving accountability and support.

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Dating Profile Lab

In this 30 minute power session, we’ll refine every aspect of your dating profile, dating app usage and messaging to help you attract only the right dates your way.


“Lily is the reason I’m in the best relationship of my life.

Before working with her, I was going on dates from the apps and not really connecting with people.

While working with Lily, I realized I was looking way too closely at the pictures and didn’t give guys a chance.

The advice she gave me was the reason I went on a date I otherwise wouldn’t have gone on, and it opened me up to this relationship.”- Olivia, NYC


When I was stuck


A few years back, I was in a toxic relationship. I made tons of excuses, stuffed my needs away and stuck around far too long.

I felt numb and hopeless. I was ashamed to tell anyone about my situation because I knew I was accepting less than I deserved.

Meanwhile, I was a top matchmaker at the largest firm in the U.S. Making “love” happen was literally my job.

There was a huge disconnect.

When I finally found the courage to leave this relationship, I didn’t need to be set up by a matchmaker (I saw that matchmaking didn’t work out long-term for my clients), my friends didn’t have helpful advice and my therapist wasn’t as action oriented as I wanted in my love life.

Date Coaching became the long-term solution I needed to heal from my self-limiting beliefs, discern what I actually wanted and build a strategy to find it.

This work subsequently transformed the dating lives of hundreds of my clients, helping them find soul-quenching dates and mapping out the path to the best relationship of their lives.

I want the same for you.


“I've become more confident in all areas of my life.

Before working with Lily, dating was like a bad roller coaster. I would download dating apps, go on bad dates, delete them all and then get right back on when I felt inadequate or lonely.

I was skeptical to work with Lily, but only because no one I know has ever worked with a dating coach.

After The Brazen Breakthrough, I've become more confident in all areas of my life. I'm able to set boundaries I wasn't able to set before, and I can now clearly express what I need.

DO IT. This is hard work, but it's necessary. I feel like everyone should be required to do this work, not just for dating, but for every day life, so we can all be the best versions of ourselves.

Since joining, I've realized that it is possible for me to have more control over my dating life. Dating is still a hard process. I will never be able to control when or how I meet someone, but I can control how I feel every day. I'm the boss of me, and I'm in charge of my outlook on life, love, dating and joy.” - Amelia, Tennessee

Join the Brazen Breakthrough

Monthly Payments

$329 per month


  • Monthly, hour-long 1:1 Coaching

  • Weekly Community Calls

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Weekly Homework

  • Dating Profile Lab

  • Step-by-Step Swiping Action Plan

one-time payment, save 10%

$887 total


  • Monthly, hour-long 1:1 Coaching

  • Weekly Community Calls

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Weekly Homework

  • Dating Profile Lab

  • Step-by-Step Swiping Action Plan


Top Q & A

1. Who is The Brazen Breakthrough right for? +

This experience was built for single women in the U.S. who are sick of soul-sucking swiping and are ready to build a new dating reality for themselves.

We're for women who are into self-reflection AND taking action, who want to prioritize self-care and fulfillment, especially in their dating lives.

2. What's a dating coach anyway? +

I'm not into "rules."

I hate conventional dating wisdom.

What I do is more than a profile makeover or short term fix.

After working with hundreds, I created a coaching system of reflective work meets tactical strategy, so that you can become your own expert matchmaker, irresistible to the kind of dates who make you come alive.

The love life you want is possible. And it’s my purpose to help you bring it to life.

3. But dating apps suck. Why is this investment worth it? +

You know what sucks? Conventional dating wisdom. You're a unique, awesome woman, and you deserve a custom dating solution tailored to you.

The truth is that even though we have more tools than ever to date, the dating landscape has never been harder to navigate.

Whether you’re anxious that the sort of relationship you desire isn't possible or you're feeling frustrated by the time-suck of swiping, you're not alone. I've been there and know what it feels like to be at the end of your rope with dating.

This work saved me from an unfulfilling dating life, helped me banish my self-limiting beliefs and ultimately led me to my partner, Chris. This program can do the same for you.

4. Do I have to use dating apps to do The Brazen Breakthrough? +

It's totally possible for you to meet the love of your life in person. Dating apps can be super stressful, but they're also the most accessible resource to find dates outside of your social circle.

The Brazen Breakthrough will help you craft a dating strategy to know where, when and how to search to bring you closer to finding your best relationship yet.

Most clients find that their confidence skyrockets after completing this program, and that means meeting more romantic matches IRL than they thought possible.

5. Why should I do The Brazen Breakthrough instead of hiring a matchmaker? +

I was one of the top matchmakers at the largest firm in the country. But I broke up with the industry because I wanted to go deeper with my clients for a long-term solution- one where they felt fulfilled by their dating life and found a fulfilling relationship as a result.

Once you work with me, finding a great date becomes easy and you'll streamline your process to find your best relationship ever.

6. What if I don't have time to focus on this? +

If you don’t have time to invest in creating a more joyful, purposeful, fulfilling dating life, then maybe you don’t have time for a relationship. Change takes commitment, and this program demands just that.

However, our coaching is the quickest, clearest way to achieve the kind of results that will get you out on more exciting dates and in more fulfilling, secure relationships.

7. Why do I need to pay for a good dating life? +

Think of me like a trainer to reach your romantic goals.

Say you want to learn all of Beyoncé's Coachella 2018 dance set. You could watch that Netflix special on repeat, read tutorials and practice alone in your room all day long. But without expert help, accountability and real-time support, you're unlikely to make it happen. Let's face it, that task would be completely overwhelming alone.

OR you could work with a trainer who was dedicated to YOUR goals, YOUR personality and YOUR learning style. An expert who could break down that huge goal down into bite-sized next steps. With that accountabiltiy, expert help and real-time support, you'll reach your goal.

The Brazen Breakthrough is like bringing on a trainer for your dating life. Once you invest intentional time into this area, incredible things happen.

8. How much time does this take? +

We recommend women who are ready for this program invest about 2-3 hours per week on average into scheduled sessions and homework (not including time on great dates:).


The Brazen breakthrough Works.


“I thought working with a dating coach was a crazy idea…

And I was skeptical about dating in general. Then I met Lily.

Lily helped me feel safe to open up, courageous in asking for what I want and secure in my dating strategy. She brought a sense of playfulness and pleasure to my dating life, which I didn't know was possible.

Working with Lily has done so much for not just my dating life, but my life in general. Especially if this is your first time thinking about working with a dating coach, she will help you for sure!”- Yuko, NYC


“It’s so worth it!

Lily has unique insight into modern dating and an amazing ability to help me channel intention and care that I already put into other areas of my life. Working with Lily is kind of like working out; once you do, you start seeing the benefits in many parts of your life."- Rachel, NYC


“Before working with Lily, I hated dating.

I wasn’t meeting anyone I was in to, and I was not sure anything could change that.

Most of my friends are in relationships, and it can be very isolating because they don’t understand what I’m going through.

This experience gave me concrete tools and tips, and I left actually feeling powerful and secure in my dating life."- Estrella, NYC

Copy of Fresh and Organic.png

“For the first time in my life, I'm excited about my dating prospects.

Lily has helped me demystify the dating process and to approach it with a much healthier and more optimistic viewpoint. I’m excited about my dating life, rather than dreading the process of trying to meet likeminded people.”- Heather, Orlando


“Date Brazen coaching is a long term bolster.

The content is valuable- and it’s powerful thing to hear that, yes, dating can work, you just have to try- and here’s how. This coaching reinforces what’s great about me and gives me tools to bring that into my dating life.”- Jessica, St. Louis


It’s possible

For dating to feel like self-care.

To banish self-limiting beliefs and be irresistible to the right sort of people.

To build a clear plan of when, where and how to find the best relationship of your life.

You just have to do the work first.

“What work?” you ask?

The work that your friends can’t do and a therapist doesn’t get… but a former-matchmaker turned dating coach does.

Still have questions? Schedule a free call with me below to chat:


100% Risk-Free


I want you to feel running-through-fields-awesome about your investment, so here's my guarantee:

If after 2 months you don't feel we've delivered on our promise, we'll happily refund half of your money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only those who have engaged fully in the program for those two months will be eligible for a refund. We've seen that this program works best for those who are ready to fully dive in. We'll ask for you to show up to your one-on-one sessions, Dating Profile Labs and Group Coaching Sessions and to share your completed assignments to make sure you gave it a shot. We'll also ask what didn't work for you so we can improve.

The Brazen Breakthrough isn't for everyone, and I am pumped to serve the women who will most benefit from this program.


Who’s right for this program?

You seek support.

Those women who are most most successful in The Brazen Breakthrough are ready to ask for help and get support. I’ve got your back every step of this journey.

You’re ready.

Dating deeper means doing the work to get there. This program requires dedication and time. The best results come to women who are ready to dive in, ask for help and do the work.

You value reflection.

You seek help with other areas of personal development- trainers, therapists and/or coaches. You're always striving to become your best.

You're a go-getter.

You like going after big dreams, you like trying new things, you’re unafraid to take a leap of faith when the outcome is worth it.


Get in on the magic

Monthly Payments

$329 per month


  • Monthly, Hour-Long 1:1 Coaching

  • Weekly Community Calls

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Weekly Homework

  • Dating Profile Lab

One-Time Payment, Save 10%

$887 Total


  • Monthly, Hour-Long 1:1 Coaching

  • Weekly Community Calls

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Weekly Homework

  • Dating Profile Lab


Not sure if this is the right next step for you? Schedule a free call with me here: