Manifesting Made Easy

Today we’re talking about manifestation.

If you know me, you know I live and die by Oprah’s advice.

But one thing she preached that I could never get my mind around was manifesting.

To figure out how she powerfully manifested her dream career, I watched a Youtube video of her explaining the manifesting process: “State what you desire, match the energy of the thing you want, but be able to walk away.” This never quite made sense to me in practice.

Until last week.

I was talking to my coach about something I was deeply anxious about… Moving apartments in NYC.

“I don’t know how this is going to happen, there are so many horror stories. This is going to be the worst.”

She said, “What if, just for a second, you said the opposite of your anxiety?”

Feeling silly, I said out loud “Finding an apartment and moving is going to be easy, sun-drenched, exactly what we want, it’s going to be amazing.”

When I verbalized the extravagant opposite of my anxiety, my body started to feel tingly, expansive, hopeful and joyful. 

I felt immediately more in control of my mindset, and more aligned with my joy. 

Later that day, an apartment fell into our laps. 

Living in that place of joy, even for a moment, changed my mindset and changed my life.

The same magic applies to you and your dating life.

“When you’re in the space of joy, it doesn’t matter if that thing you desire is with you in this moment. What matters is that you’re in the joy already. Aligning with that presence of joy in the moment, gives you the momentum to attract more of its likeness.” - Gabrielle Bernstein

Odds are if you’re reading this, you’re single and you’re not feeling good about your prospects. 

Here’s the deal: I work with women on their dating lives all day every day, and I see people making the mistake of being caught up in the “checklist” of what their perfect person looks like. 

But the checklist isn’t the key to attracting the people you want.

The trick is manifesting the right mindset so you attract the right people and the right result. 

How you do that?

Recognize when you feel anxious about something in your dating life. (maybe it’s: “There are no good men in NYC.” Or “I don’t look the right way to attract the person I want.”) 

When you recognize that anxious voice, stop, take a breath and say to yourself: “What if I thought and verbalized the extravagant opposite?”

Instead of: “There are no good men in NYC.”

The extravagant opposite: “The right man is around the corner, there are an abundance of good men in NYC who want to date me.”

Instead of: “I am too [thick, thin, overweight, etc.] to find the love I want.”

The extravagant opposite: “I am the exact right size for the awesome person I will attract. The person who’s with me is going to feel so lucky to be with me and my body type. I’m sexy as hell.”

It’s not about writing down a checklist and putting it in your pocket. 

It’s about taking action. It’s about getting in the driver’s seat of your love life with a powerful mindset, instead of being the victim of a crappy dating life. 

If you resonated with this and you’re interested in transforming your dating life with Brazen Coaching, you can schedule a free Dating Boost Call below.

No matter what, what is meant for you will not pass you by. I’ll believe that for you until you can believe it for yourself.