Dating Pep Talk: How to Beat the Numbers Game

If you’re paralyzed by the horror stories of dating in NYC (or anywhere, really), here’s the pep talk you need.

Do you think dating is a numbers game? Are you pushing yourself to go on more dates, meet more people, be on more apps?

The idea is that the more dates you go on, the higher likelihood there is of being successful.

But the numbers game is just a myth.

Dating like it’s a numbers game doesn’t fast track you to better dates or more chance of finding success. The numbers game mentality is just a fast track to Burnoutsville…

A place where you can’t take any action.

Today I have one mindset shift you need to date with power and confidence.

The mindset shift= You’re for the few, not for the many.

When you date like you’re for the few, you no longer play into the numbers game myth.

The jerks who ghost you, who don’t want to set up a date, who don’t text back…

They can become gifts getting you closer to the RIGHT people for you.

This mindset shift means believing that what is meant for you will not pass you by.

It means setting fierce boundaries in your dating life because you deserve the best.

It means less wasted time, more confidence and better dates along the way.

When you find your desired relationship, I’m going to be cheering you on.

You’re incredible. You’re in exactly the right place, you’re exactly the right size, you have exactly the right personality to attract the love you desire.

If you’re saying to yourself, “What’s next? How do I implement this mindset shift? How do I qualify and disqualify dates so I’m not wasting my time on dating apps?”

I want to invite you to schedule a free Dating Boost Call with me here. In that call we’ll brainstorm solutions for your dating life and see if my proven Date Brazen coaching is right for you.

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