Empathetic Ladies- The First Date Guide to Less Emotional Labor

For all my empathetic ladies out there, this one’s for you. 

Have you ever been on a first date and realized the person across the table is talking a lot?

Not only that, but they keep sharing deep, emotional issues without reciprocating with a question about you.

You suddenly feel tired and at a loss for where things went wrong.

You, my friend, have succumb to a classic case of Emotional Wheelbarrow Syndrome. 

This means you have become the receptacle for someone else’s emotional problems on a date. And it feels crappy.

When you want a date to go well, it’s so easy to forget about your needs. But, there’s nothing more important than advocating for yourself and time when it comes to finding a genuine connection.

This video contains the three easy steps you can take on your next date to make sure you don’t fall prey to Emotional Wheelbarrow Syndrome and how to advocate for yourself if you do.

You can download your free PDF Emotional Wheelbarrow Help Guide below. This will guide you through the three steps so you can put yourself first on every date and see better connections as a result.

Download the Emotional Wheelbarrow Help Guide

A bonus guide so you can put yourself first on every date!

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