One Trick to Makeover Your Dating Profile

The number one question I get as a dating coach is this: “What should my dating profile look like?”

Translation:  "What will make me most desirable/attractive/Barbie-dream-date-esq?" I get it. In a sea of thousands of faces, we want to stand out! 

In this short video, I share my personal struggle deciding how to be most “desirable” on dating apps… and how I used the Make It Rain Weird Strategy to actually attract the sort of guy who was perfect for me.

Watch the video to learn how to makeover your dating profile and flood your calendar with dates who are actually your type.

Download your bonus below. It's a step-by-step guide to stop "Barbie-dream-date" syndrome, and start attracting amazing dates with your unique brand of awesome + weird.

Download the Make it Rain Weird Checklist!

Level up your swiping game, and only attract the dates that get you with this free checklist. 

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