Become Irresistible on Dating Apps

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I know what you’re thinking: “Dating apps suck. That’s just the reality. I’m going to be burnt out and strung out until I find a relationship. It’s a numbers game.”

That lie is what gets me up in the morning.

Because here’s the truth: if you feel like this, you’re using dating apps the wrong way. Which is why you’re so sick of them.

Because you, you magnificent, intelligent lady, can be in control of your dating life and you CAN attract only the right dates your way.

If you’re saying how how how!?

I have something for you.

After years of matchmaking and professionally swiping, I’ve created a free, five day experience called, Create Your Best Dating Profile, to rebuild your profile and messaging so you can attract only high quality dates you way.

Starting THIS MONDAY, I’m sharing the system I take all my clients through so you can build a dating profile that will make you irresistible to the right matches for you.

In five days, you will:

  • Pick the most effective dating app for YOU.

  • Choose the best pictures possible.

  • Rewrite your bio.

  • Revamp your messaging to stop wasting your time and get out on the best dates for you.

This experience is for women who are sick of surface level swiping and sick of discouraging dates, who are ready for a plan of action to find the love they desire.

I’m pulling out all the stops for you next week:

→ Quick, impactful homework assignments in your inbox.

→ Live daily classes in a private pop-up group.

→ A live masterclass only open to those who sign up.

→ Much, much more.

Just 10 minutes a day with this experience could mean finding the best date of your life.

It could mean no more dating burnout.

It could mean being in-control of your dating life for the first time.

All you have to do is join us.

If you know me, you know I love getting beneath the surface.

Giving a Brazen makeover to your profile and messaging is going to do just that.

If you think dating apps don’t work…

If you think you can’t be in-control…

If you think you can’t attract the right dates your way…

I want to lovingly prove you wrong with this five day experience.

We start Monday- and I want you there live with us.

Sign up for the Create Your Best Dating Profile challenge here →

P.S.- This experience is best done with your single bestie, so forward this along so you can go on this dating app journey together!

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