Oprah’s advice changed my dating life.

Hey gorgeous friend-

I wasn't popular growing up (*insert gasp here*).

In my Alabama high school, I created a weekly dress-up schedule. I wore glitter and scrubs. I made elaborate tissue paper flowers to put in my ponytail.

I was kookie, intense, sensitive and "weird."

My best friend, however, was a blonde bombshell with an easy laugh.

I watched boys flock to her, and I cheered her on from the sidelines.

I was in constant comparison mode: She was thin, I was chubby. She was well-liked, I was not. Boys wanted to date her, they wouldn't speak to me.

Comparison became second nature. So much so that I got used to living like the "best friend" in my story, instead of the leading lady. 

That comparison mode followed me into adulthood, and nowhere was it more apparent than in my dating life. 

After years of discounting myself , I started to realize that constant comparison meant dulling my unique shine to fit in. 

It meant throwing in the dating towel instead of putting myself out there because I made the (wrong) assumption that no one wanted to be with me.

Then, down from the heavens came a piece of Oprah advice, and it changed my mindset completely. 

This advice led me to create a system to get out of comparison (and quick) so I could stop acting like the best friend, and start being the leading lady of my story.

Now when I get into comparison mode, I have a three-step action plan, which I share in today's Brazen TV episode.

Watch the episode above, and then leave a comment below. Where has comparison impacted your life most?

Remember, whatever you're going through right now, you're not alone. I've got your back, and I truly believe what is meant for you will not pass you by.

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