What Oprah Taught Me About Dating

I hear all the time, "I haven’t been dating in a while, and I’m freaked out to begin again. There are just too many horror stories."

Whew, this is painfully familiar.

What do you do when dating sucks AND you want a deeply fulfilling relationship? How do you move forward from those horror stories? 

The answer lies in a sage piece of advice from my best friend, Oprah.

She would tell her staff day in and out, "There are only two emotions, love and fear." 

In this video, I break down this simple, powerful advice into practical steps to move from being paralyzed by the horror stories, to dating with confidence, self-love and power.

Click below to download your Love Before Fear Dating Checklist to break it down for yourself step-by-step.

Comment below with how you will lead with love in your dating life!

Download the Love Before Fear Dating Checklist!

Put this Oprah-inspired dating advice into practice with this bonus Checklist!

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