Comparison got you down? Try this.


So, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Today especially, throw a stick and you’ll find a mushy, in-love couple. This can be really tough when you’re single and want a relationship.

Seeing what you desire in a relationship can lead to massive amounts of comparison stress, which loves nothing more than to steal your joy.

Most of my clients respond to this stress by overloading themselves with dating to-dos, endless swiping and mean self-talk. This only makes the problem worse.

How can you protect yourself from the comparison game?

  1. Know that comparison is going to happen. It’s normal. But it doesn’t have to be where you reside.

giphy (4).gif

2. Surround yourself with people who fill your life with joy, love and support. Put friend dates on the calendar (right now!).

3. Talk to your friends about taking a “negative talk” vacay.

The comparison stress cycle is only made worse by constant negative talk about dating or men. Try to step outside of your normal conversation. For one night only say positive things. Changing the dating narrative will reduce your stress, increase your feelings of hope and will put in you in a mindset to get in the driver’s seat of your love life, instead of being the victim of it.

Just a reminder: What is meant for you will not pass you by.

Check in and decide what concrete dating action steps you can take to A. Put yourself out there and B. Take care of your heart in the process.

You got this, you magical, intelligent mermaid. And I’m here for you along the way.

Lily WombleComment