Think you know what’s wrong with your dates? The one mindset shift that’ll change your life.

We’re all used to mediocre dates.

But what happens when you’re on a date with someone you’re actually interested in?

Do you feel warm and fuzzy and soak the excitement in?

Probably not.

From my own experience, in that situation I would immediately jump to, “What’s going to go wrong? He can’t be that great. What if he doesn’t want what I want?!”

That, my friends, is called dress-rehearsing tragedy.

The concept was coined by social researcher, Dr. Brené Brown, who says: “When we're overwhelmed by love, we feel vulnerable - so we dress-rehearse tragedy.”

Brené believes that ‘catastrophizing’ cuts us off from the one thing we all want more of in life: connection and joy. She says, “We simply cannot know joy without embracing vulnerability—and the way to do that is to focus on gratitude, not fear.”

The video above shares the one practice you can implement right now to stop dress-rehearsing tragedy and start living with gratitude.

The next step in this process is to take a look in your rearview mirror, which is why I’ve created the Date Brazen Relationship Reflection Guide. It’s designed to lead you through an analysis of past relationships like you never have before. The goal: to come out the other end not only set on what you want, but also believing it is possible.

Get the Relationship Reflection Guide here.

The love you want is possible, and these two practices will help you shift your mindset to experience more joy and connection along the way.

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