Sometimes Swiper 

Definition: Swiping = Only here and there...

Check out Lily's breakdown of your Swipe Type with your Stress-Free Swipe Guide below:

Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Your Gifts

You are great at listening to yourself, and you're in touch with exactly how you feel when you swipe. That's huge (whether you know it or not)!

Your Fears

You fear that without some sort of commitment to consistently swiping (or trying to meet people), a great dating life isn't possible for you.

Your Sabotage Tendencies

You tend to go through phases in your dating life. When you're off, you're off of all the dating apps. And those periods of being off can lead to perpetual inaction. 

Lily's Stress-Free Swiping Tip

You, Sometimes Swiper, can give yourself permission to go with what you feel when it comes to dating.

When you’re not feeling it, give yourself permission to take a break from swiping. When you’re excited to get out there on a date, lean into that desire.

Giving yourself permission on a day to day basis and not feeling guilt over that decision will reduce your swipe-stress.

When you feel up to dating, your job is to create a swipe strategy that actually works.

So, try only using one dating app maximum and set a time limit for yourself while on. See how it feels to swipe on your terms, not on the terms of any friend, family member or bit of conventional wisdom. You got this.