Date Brazen

Who’s behind this?

Hi there. I’m Lily Womble. I was a top matchmaker at the largest firm in the U.S. After matching hundreds, I realized that with training, women can match themselves better than anyone else ever could.

I created Date Brazen coaching to help women build purposeful, fulfilling dating lives with my customizable date coaching framework.


What is Brazen?

Brazen is your dating-made-awesome resource.

We equip women with the tools they need to find extraordinary love.

How can you help me?

If you're ready to make big change happen with a pro by your side, we'd love to work with you.

Date coaching is more than just a bio and profile makeover. In this work, we are getting to the root of your roadblocks, exploring where you feel stuck and coming up with creative solutions so you can be fulfilled by your dating life, instead of being depleted by it. It's emotional work meets tactical strategy, so you can shine irresistibly.