How to Rewrite Your Negative Voice Into a Positive One

My well-intentioned 10 minute workout spiraled into a shame storm.

The other day, I worked out for the first time in months, and right around time for crunches, there was a little, mean voice leading the charge against my body, worth and ability.

T'was my shame gremlin. (Thanks to Brené Brown for the term)

She comes out every once in a while, when I'm doing something new or hard. Sometimes my shame gremlin is leading the way, and I don't even know it.

Sweating bullets with a sports bra and no shirt on takes a lot of courage and vulnerability for me. When those two things are required the shame gremlins come out to play.

You know what else takes a ton of courage and vulnerability? Dating.

You know where the shame gremlins loooove to hang out? In your dating life.

So, how can you turn those gremlins off? How can you rewrite that negative voice into a positive one?

I'll be honest, when I was plunging deeper into my workout, I didn't know how to get out of my shame storm. I knew those gremlins were like mean kids telling lies about me, but those mean things felt true. And I was trapped there. Maybe you can relate...

In today's Brazen Broadcast, I'm sharing the one thing you can do to kick shame gremlins to the curb and create a more confident, powerful reality for yourself, one that boldly claims your innate worthiness.

When you're ready, look below to download the Confabulation Worksheet! (this made-up sounding word is the key to changing your self-talk).

This post is based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown from her books Rising Strong and Dare to Lead.  

Let me know how you're rewriting your confabulations in the comments below!

(Photo Cred: The Confetti Project)

Download your Confabulation Worksheet!

This made-up sounding word is the key to changing your self-talk.

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