Dating app purchases are bogus. Here's what to do instead.

Last week my friend shot me this article, and I was SHOOK Used Fake Ads to Swindle Users, F.T.C. Says


Basically, has been luring thousands of people to pay for their service with fake connection.

And their parent company, Match Group, owns most of the dating apps we use today.

So if this is happening on Match, other dating apps are most certainly buying into the same dishonest practices. 

Unfortunately, I've known for a long time that dating apps are shady. And predatory. And only in the "love" game to make money.

In light of this news, today’s Brazen TV episode is full of next steps you can take RIGHT NOW beat dating apps at their own game and find meaningful connection, no matter what tricks Match Group is spinning.

I hope you'll watch today’s episode and share with a friend who might be struggling with her dating life.

I know that dating might feel bleak (this news doesn't help). So here are three things I know to be true:

1. Dating apps are NOT the answer to your desired relationship. YOU are the answer.

2. You're more in-control than you think.

3. It's hard out there, and I've got your back with strategy to propel you forward.

You're awesome. You're possible. What is meant for you will not pass you by.

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