Stop the endless messaging and get to first dates faster

I looooved having pen-pals. There was nothing so exciting as being in third grade and getting a letter from a near stranger in Denmark to hear about her life.

The grown up version, however, is not so fun. Pen-pals take form in the dreaded endless messaging on dating apps, and I am sick of it.

So, how do you stop this pen-pal madness and get to a first date already?

I hear so many people complaining about endless messaging, but we fail to remember that we are in charge. Waiting around forever for someone to make a move is a sure fire way to get burnt out and hopeless.

The key to getting in-control of your messaging process lies in creating your Bless and Release Moment. The moment when you’re done messaging and are ready to cut the conversation off.

The steps to building your own Bless and Release moment are outlined in today’s video.

If you’re on a dating app to find someone who’s serious about meeting new people, this method will start attracting the right sort of people your way and will get you out on dates with them faster.

If you want a guide to create your own Bless and Release Moment, download the Bless and Release Checklist below to create a plan of action and stick to it.

Thank you so much for watching. Remember, what is meant for you will not pass you by. You got this, and I’ll be here every week to support you in this journey.

Talk to you soon, opalescent sunflower!

Lily WombleComment