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The 3 Day Swipe Challenge

Just 10 minutes a day for 3 days will have you swiping like a pro. 

"Working with Lily taught me that, as a Super Swiper, I need to take time to refocus and slow down in this crazy digital dating world. It’s so worth it!"


Swipe with Intention

A four week course to transform your dating life- you'll come out the other side your own matchmaker. 

"Swipe with Intention was just the jump start I needed to get back into the online dating world. I learned that online dating can work, and can be a really valuable tool, I just need to figure out how it works for me. And I did! Lily was thoughtful and personable, and an incredible cheerleader to have in my corner. Highly recommend!"


One-on-One Coaching

Work with Lily for a more personalized, curated experience. 

"After a hard dating experience, I thought for so long that online dating was not for me, so I didn’t try. Lily helped me figure out how to use dating apps to my advantage and gave me a framework to move forward with confidence. Now, I’ve learned how to date in a way that works for me!"


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