I want you to get in the driver’s seat of your dating life.

It’s possible to build a dating life that you’re empowered by and in control of. When you feel this confident, who cares if the love of your life is around the corner (which they are)


“Brazen date coaching is a long term bolster.

The content is valuable- and it’s powerful thing to hear that, yes, dating can work, you just have to try- and here’s how. This coaching reinforces what’s great about me and gives me tools to bring that into my dating life.”- Jessica, St. Louis

What you’ll create: 

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Dating Roadmap

We'll identify and work through your dating roadblocks to create your dating roadmap, a guide on how to date most effectively for your personality.

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Self-Care Action Plan

What's more important than scheduling a date? Scheduling self-care. We'll help you create a dating strategy so epic, that dating energizes and excites you (bye bye burnout).

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Swiping Action Guide

No more mystery. Now, you'll know exactly where, when and how long to swipe to achieve the most valuable results. You'll also create a plan for dating offline, too.


The results of date coaching reach far beyond just your dating life.

Whether you’re feeling burnt-out, running into the same lame dates or unsure how to find what you're looking for, this personalized, one-on-one experience supercharges your dating know-how and provides tools and support to keep you motivated.

Dating can suck, and if you feel overwhelmed and isolated by the process, you’re not alone. Brazen clients are a community of driven women who are looking for a personal trainer to help with their emotional goals.

Who is Brazen Date Coaching right for?

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You're a go-getter

You like going after big dreams, you like trying new things, you aren't afraid to take a leap of faith when the payout is worth it.

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You're a reflection nerd

You seek deep conversation with loved-ones. You've sought outside help with other areas of personal development- trainers, therapists and/or coaches. You're always striving to be and do your best.

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You're ready to do work

Dating deeper means doing the work to get there. Swipe with Intention requires dedication. You get out of it what you put in. 


“I’ve learned to date in a way that works for me.

After a hard dating experience, I thought for so long that online dating was not for me, so I didn’t try. Date Brazen Date Coaching helped me figure out how to use dating apps to my advantage and gave me a framework to move forward with confidence.”- Caitlin, NYC

Are you ready to jump in and see your dating game change for good?

If so, we'd love to talk with you! You can schedule your free Dating Boost Call with Lily below.