1. What is date coaching, anyway? +

It’s the answer to your unfulfilling dating life. More than a profile makeover or short term fix, it’s reflective work meets tactical strategy, so that you can be irresistible to the sort of dates that make you come alive.

I take clients through a personalized, one-on-one date coaching experience to identify and overcome your dating roadblocks and build a strategy that outlines exactly where, when and how you should swipe to find your next relationship.

The love life you want is possible. And it’s our joy to help you bring it to life.

2. How is Date Brazen different than a matchmaker? +

I was one of the top matchmakers at the largest firm in the country. But I broke up with the industry because I wanted a long-term solution for my clients.

Not a short-term fix.

I realized after matching hundreds that with coaching, women could match themselves better than anyone ever could. Now my mission is to share matchmaker tools with women who want to trade in their dating overwhelm and anxiety for a secure, purposeful and fulfilled dating life.

What I do is not a quick fix (because those don't really exist). It’s a long term bolster. It’s your ticket to bring control, confidence and power to your dating life.

Once you work with me, finding a great date becomes easy. And once you go through the Date Brazen method, you’ll have a strategy to be filled up by dating every step of the way.

3. What are the benfits of working with you? +

You'll get better sleep knowing that your dating life is finally under control.

You’ll save money on dating “solutions” that don’t work. I only want short-term relationships with my clients for this reason.

You’ll save time talking to your therapist about dating solutions… Let her do her thing, I’ll do mine.

You’ll save an enormous amount of time swiping and stressing.

You’ll gain more time feeling amazing about yourself, your newfound dating strategy and the new dates who see your shine.

4. Why do I need to pay for a good dating life? +

I’ve worked with hundreds of women across the country and talked with countless others. The truth is that even though we have more tools than ever to date, the dating landscape has never been this hard to navigate.

Whether you’re anxious that the sort of person you desire isn't possible, feeling frustrated by the time-suck of swiping, or you’re feeling constant overwhelm, dating is hard for everyone. Seriously. And my purpose in life is to help women turn dating on its head to feel easy and purposeful.

5. What does Brazen Coaching look like? +

Working with me is like working with a trainer, but on your romantic goals. And by the end you’ll have the tools and strategy to find the sort of dates your heart has yearned for.

The results of working with a date coach reach far beyond just your dating life.

Dating care is self-care.

If you’re serious about making a shift in your dating life and you're ready to do the work with me by your side, this place is for you.

6. What's your success rate? +

100% of those who have worked with Date Brazen walk away feeling more confident, prepared and powerful in their dating lives.

Though I don't provide exact numbers, I know that the majority of members find consistently amazing dates and feel more satisfied and joyful throughout their search process after the program.

Many members find themselves in amazing relationships quickly after the course as a result of the shifts made in their dating strategy.

7. Why do I need to spend so much time on this? Guys don’t. +

Yea, but that would have been the case anyway. As cliché as it sounds, we can’t control what others do, we can only control what we do and how we respond to others. I want you to be in the driver’s seat of your dating life, so you can save time on relationships that don’t meet your needs and so you can save time going out on dates that won’t lead anywhere.

8. What if I don't have time to focus on this? +

If you don’t have time to invest in creating a more joyful, purposeful, fulfilling dating life, then maybe you don’t have time for a relationship. Change takes commitment, and this program demands a lot of that. However, our coaching is the quickest, clearest way to achieve the kind of results that will get you out on more exciting dates and in more fulfilling, secure relationships.

9. So, when will I find a relationship? +

Finding your partner is a random process. Anyone who says they can put a timeline on you meeting your “one” is lying. I’m an expert in helping women rebuild their dating mindset so every date is a win, so they have clarity and mastery over their dating process, so they attract better dates as a result.

10. I don’t have experience in dating… I’m starting from scratch. +

No matter what your experience in dating, by the end of working with me, you’ll have a clear path forward with a strategy to find more soul quenching dates who see your shine.