My craziest idea yet

Hey gorgeous-

This moment, right here? It’s summertime 2019.

It’s beautiful, it’s fun, and it’s too short to spend a moment more worrying about your dating life. 

Because I know how to make your dating feel like self-care.

*Cue eye roll*

“Dating? Self care? Wow, Lily, you’ve gone too far. How are those two things are compatible?” 

I live for that question.

Because despite every frustration, every moment of burnout, every fear that you have that you won’t find what you want, I know that a joyful dating life is waiting for you.

Dating can feel like self-care, and I want to teach you how. For free. Next week. 

Starting Monday, July 22nd, I’m launching my first ever, three day, Celebrate Yourself Challenge.

If you want in, I’m going to share three quick lessons so you can make dating feel like self-care.

Plus I’ll be doing LIVE group coachings in our private Facebook group.

This will be the most party-packed Challenge I’ve ever done, with daily live video lessons, homework assignments and SURPRISES (yes, surprises) for you every single day. 

Seriously, this three day challenge will make your dating life feel #selfcare worthy.

Because it’s summer, you’re hot, and you deserve an amazing dating life. I can't wait to share these proven strategies with you!

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Three days to make dating feel like self-care.

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