5 Signs Being Single is the Real Bae

Here are 5 signs you should be single this month (and why it'll be awesome):

1. The thought of going on a date in the next month makes you sick…



2. You feel stretched in every direction. Work, friends, family, hustle…. It all can be waaay to much.

3. You reaallly can’t stop calling your friends about/talking about/thinking about your ex.


4. You resent everything about dating, men (and/or women) and the process in general.


5. You are genuinely excited to be single and don’t want to be coupled.

YASS! Lean into this amazing singleness. 

If one or more of these signs applies to you, you should seriously consider taking a single month (or more). It may be just what you need! What does a single month include you may ask? 

- Making plans with a friend you haven't seen in forever.

- Cooking amazing meals at home you've only dreamt of having time for.

- Relaxing after work (instead of running from function, to date, to drinks).

- Re-reading the Harry Potter series/ Rewatching The Office.

- Doing whatever the hell you want! 

If you read this and think, "Nah, I really would like to be dating right now to increase my chances of meeting someone,"- go forth and kill it! Check out my last post on The One Thing You Can Do Today to Make Online Dating Work for You!

Let me clear up a few things:

Choosing a single month (or more) DOES NOT mean that you “aren’t trying for your love life.” It does not mean you want a fulfilling relationship any less.

A single month means that singleness is what you need in this moment, that dating isn’t a strategic move for you or your heart time. Simple as that.

But Lily, do I have to take a whole month? What about a week?

Do whatever makes you feel best! Just listen and treat yourself with ultimate kindness.

From my experience, I know that nothing is going to get in the way of you meeting the person of your dreams. You can’t stop that from happening, so why not take care of yourself in the process?

Take a single month and let me know how it goes! You can email me at [email protected] I’d love to hear about the awesomeness this brings you!

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Take a badass single month… it’s like a spa for your heart time.


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